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Help provide quality education at the Seeds of Wisdom School

Promoting Community Development Through Education

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Just a small donation will go a long way to helping meet our goal for the Ixtatan Foundation.

The value of education, so widely understood and desired in the United States, is one that has only recently become apparent to many people in the emerging economies of the world, including Guatemala. A longstanding belief held by many farmers and workers in the poorer regions of Guatemala is that education means little more than learning to read and perhaps hanging a plaque on the wall. However, this pattern is beginning to change:

"At a recent meeting of the school board in Guatemala we asked members what education means to them. One of the board members told everyone that for him it means his daughters will have more opportunities than he did, that they will be able to get good jobs and that they have a chance at a better life than he had. Ten years ago giving your daughters in marriage and not sending them to high school was the norm; to have changed so much is truly a remarkable achievement." Robert Munro, U.S. Volunteer, Ixtatán Foundation, Guatemala.

Education opens doors that were not even visible before, it creates opportunities that before were not even imagined. And the Ixtatán Foundation continually makes this a reality for increasingly more youth, as this board member's testimony demonstrates.

The Ixtatán Foundation is working on several other goals for 2016.

  1. We will encourage professionals from North America and other countries to volunteer their time teaching at the school.
  2. We will work with Da Vinci University of Guatemala to obtain scholarships for up to a half dozen students to continue their education and hold cultural exchanges to Charlottesville, Virginia.
  3. And we will continue to build the infrastructure for the future community medical clinic, including a water laboratory and a medical laboratory. Some Seeds' graduates who are going on to medical school wish to later return to their community and thus can find employment at the clinic.

Thanks again for considering the Ixtatán Foundation in your annual gifts. To make a tax deductible donation please click on the donate button above or kindly mail your gift in to P. O. Box 1076, Charlottesville, VA 22902. The need is critical and your gift is vital to provide another year of quality education in 2016 for girls, boys, and their parents in the highlands of Guatemala.

The Ixtatan Foundation Team.